Kim, Patient since 2013

“If you want anti-aging then CRM is your one stop shop! This clinic offers esthetics but with the bonus of doctors who understand that you can’t achieve personal beauty goals until you eliminate health issues that might block all your efforts. I had thyroid issues, adrenal burnout and on top of that menopause. I hated how I was aging but the nurse doing my facial treatments knew that if I didn’t fix my health I was wasting my money. Thank you for your insights Ro. Without you I would never have taken this journey. Thank you to Dr Turek and Dr Arseneau for getting me back in balance and feeling younger every day!

Beverley, Patient since 2015

 “THANK YOU  DR TUREK! Going gluten free has made a world off difference for me. My son for years has told me to go off gluten but I did not listen, I guess it is hard to accept your kids know more than you!  My joints became so sore walking and stairs became a real issue. I turned to social media for help and the Centre For Restorative Medicine came up. I gave them a call and saw Dr Turek. At my first visit she told me to get off gluten, this time I listened and cleaned out my kitchen of all gluten products. What a huge difference that appointment made for me. Going gluten free has enabled me to walk the stairs and move with ease. The inflammation that I suffered has dramatically improved. It is certainly true you are what you eat”

Joan, Patient since 2011

I first went to see Dr. Arseneau to help with my shingles. Once I became involved in the program and he had helped treat my primary concern, he discovered that I had very low nutrients in my body and a poor immune system. Dr. Arseneau, through the use of vitamins, supplements and Intravenous Therapy, made me feel young and alive again. I didn’t know how well I could feel and didn’t think it was possible to get the old Joan back. Dr. Arseneau was extremely knowledgeable, he listened to me and offered options, different solutions and explained everything working through my concerns. I encourage everyone to see an integrative doctor, especially Dr. Arseneau, he puts you back on track to be the best you possible.”

Cathy, Patient since 2009

I came to see Dr. Arseneau because I wasn’t willing to give up. I was diagnosed with Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder characterised by spasm and contractions of the muscles in my legs. I couldn’t walk, my pain level was very high and I was unable to live the life I desired. Now after a continued commitment to my health and to Dr. Arseneau I am walking. I am up and about and my pain level has improved significantly and is now manageable. It worked because I stuck to it and didn’t give up. My results were not instant but I had faith. My advice is to be willing to try, be patient and most of all be persistent. Don’t give up!”

John, Patient since 2011

I had problems with really low energy levels and suffered from stomach problems. My stomach was very acidic and caused me great pain. After several visits to see Dr. Arseneau and sticking to the outlined program, my energy level improved significantly. He also resolved my gastric issues so that I no longer suffer from stomach pains. Not only did he treat my problems but he also educated me on the philosophy, showing me how small things in diet, lifestyle etc. can make big improvements in your health. The best advice I can give you is to pick up the phone and make the phone call to meet with Dr. Arseneau.”

Svetlana, Patient since 2008

I decided not to let fear rule my life and took the first step to getting better, I made the call to go see Dr. Arseneau. I was suffering from chronic hives, depression and needed help with weight loss. After following his directions and sticking to the outlined programs he specifically designed for me, I now no longer suffer from hives. I am energized and loving myself and my life. I am also losing the weight with help from Dr. Arseneau and the ABCD drops. So far I have gained four pounds of muscle and lost 35 percent body fat. I now tell people to lose the fear, take the first step and just go for it. If you put your health first, you’ll see it’s not so hard; Dr. Arseneau will help you succeed.”

Melissa, Patient since 2010

I had one foot in the grave and had lost my life to illness. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs, couldn’t follow a conversation, and I wasn’t sleeping. The pain was overwhelming and took over my life. I tried every painkiller and nothing worked or helped. I had problems swallowing and suffered from severe fibromyalgia. Dr. Arseneau saved me. I call him my saviour. He has completely given me my life back. I found and started a new job. I am now able to look after my kids again and haven’t suffered from an episode in a very long time. I have even started aqua fit and am able to exercise. My illness no longer defines me or limits me. Trust Dr. Arseneau, as I have. It will take time and I won’t lie, it will be costly at first. But that tapers off and he will help you get better. Give him the time he needs to find the answer because he does find it. If you work together, and trust in him, he will give you back your health.”

Shelley, Patient since 2011

When I finally went to see Dr. Arseneau, I had been bed ridden for over a year. I had been to see several doctors and they all said the same thing. They told me nothing was wrong with me. I was sleeping 20 hours a day and could not function or live my life.  Dr. Arseneau made me a promise when I went to see him, my son was getting married the following year, and he promised me I would dance at his wedding. Dr. Arseneau dug deep. He listened to me and believed me. He discovered I had no hormones and was suffering from adrenal fatigue. Through the use of yucky tonics, hormone therapy and Intravenous Therapy, specifically the Myers cocktail, I slowly felt better and better. Thanks to Dr. Arseneau I feel better now than I have in years. He also kept his promise to me. I did dance at my son’s wedding. It was a dream come true. I tell anyone who will listen “Go see Dr. Arseneau!” I have total faith in him and love that guy!”

Sylvia, Patient since 2011

When I first went in to see Dr. Arseneau, I was suffering from seven years of joint/muscle chronic pain and severe dizziness. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t walk and couldn’t drive. I went from doctor to doctor trying to get help. The only help I got were pain killer medications, which would upset my stomach and turn me into a crazy person. Dr. Arseneau put an end to the pain killers. He taught me what to watch for, how to eat, how to read labels and how to watch out for things that can cause me harm. He educated me and took the time to teach me how to take care of my health. Since the very first visit I saw results.  In the beginning there was a lot to do and many supplements to take. But this eventually tapered off as I got better. I am happy now living a pain free, dizzy free life. I have so much energy and I sleep normally. Dr. Arseneau is the best. He understood and fixed the problems. Never mind the money you pay because how can you put a real price on your life? On your health?  Just talk to him and you will see a real difference if you try.”

Joan, Patient since 2011

I went to see Dr. Arseneau because I had a lot of problems with my digestive system. He discovered through testing that my gallbladder was not producing enough bile. I am very happy that Dr. Arseneau helped ease the problem and that my digestive system is once again functioning properly. Medical doctors these days tend to just give you medication and send you on your way, whereas Naturopathic doctors find the problem, and solve it. It is true that with a Naturopathic doctor the road is longer and it isn’t instant but it is worthwhile and it does work.”

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