Dr Turek.....you had me at 'hormones are skin, brain and bones for women'.


"At 45 I had a hysterectomy and my surgeon reassured me that leaving my ovaries intact would keep my hormones stable. At that time I didn't understand enough about functional medicine and the intricate role all organs play in signalling hormone production to make the best decision. It wasn't long before I developed symptoms of hormone imbalance. 


I have been fortunate enough to know Dr Caroline Turek on both a personal and professional level for many years. She has an intuitive nature, a passion for healing and commitment to learning and so I started my journey down this fascinating path of understanding women and hormones - how they effect our health and how they help us stay youthful.


Dr Turek's intervention restored my hormone balance, my health and my sanity. If you are struggling with symptoms that effect sleep, weight, hair loss, libido, bone density loss, anxiety, depression, premature aging, then I recommend you start by gathering information and book that consult.

It could be life changing!"

-Roseanne Parke, RN

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