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Gut health is foundational to overall wellbeing. A healthy gut communicates with the brain through nerves and other messengers.


It helps maintain hormone balance, influence physiological functions like metabolism and caloric processing (WEIGHT), wards off infectious agents like bacteria, viruses and fungi, modulates inflammation and regulates immunity.


The integrity of the intestinal lining, enzyme balance, toxins, improper use of probiotics, hidden food allergies and other factors all influence this delicate balance. 


An unhealthy gut can present with many widespread symptoms such as seasonal allergies, irritable bowel, GERD, body pain, weight gain and mood disorders. 

Learn how our gut health services can help you here.

Emerging science has helped us understand the importance of a robust 'microbiome', 

which  refers to the delicate ecology of microorganisms that reside in the digestive tract.  

Supporting an abundant and diverse microbiome is an important cornerstone for overall gut health.  When symbiosis (mutually beneficial) bacteria are altered, so too is the health of the host. 


Gut Heath Sevices
  • What is hormone imbalance?
    An imbalance occurs when there is too little or too much of a hormone. Your hormones are important for regulating many bodily processes including appetite, metabolism, sleep, reproductive cycles, sexual function, temperature and mood.
  • How to restore hormone imbalance?
    The most effective and safe way to balance hormones is to restore them to physiologic levels with adequate nutrients and personalized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. However hormone replacement is only one piece of the puzzle. Lifestyle factors such as exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress all affect our hormones and are important components of our overall well-being.
  • What are Bio-Identical hormones?
    These are hormones that have the same molecular structure as our own natural hormones. As we age, our hormones decline, causing imbalances and unpleasant symptoms such as low energy, reduced memory, loss bone mass, loss of skin resilience and lowered mood and metabolism along with increased risk of various chronic illnesses. Bio-identical hormones can help to restore our hormones back to optimal levels resulting in improvement in symptoms and increased vitality. Non-bioidentical hormones like Premarin or provera, may be natural eg Premarin( extracted from pregnant horse urine) but have a different structure than our own hormones. Our Bodies aren’t equipped with the machinery to properly metabolize non-bioidentical hormones which can create unpleasant side effects and create certain health risks.
  • Are there advantages to Bio-Identical hormones and any anti-aging benefits?
    -They are safer than non-bioidentical versions -The body can utilize and metabolize them in a similar way to our own natural hormones. -each formula is customized unique to the individual -hormones increase stem cells which help with repair and regeneration -A major culprit for skin thinning, wrinkling, and dryness associated with aging is the decline in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone in women, and testosterone in men
  • Are there studies about the safety and efficacy of Bio-identical hormones?
    There are reputable published studies over a period of many decades confirming the safety of using bio-identical hormones. There is even some data available that suggests bio-identical hormonal replacement may offer protection from osteoporosis, memory loss and cardiovascular disease. These materials are available on request.
  • How do I know if BHRT is right for me?
    You will require a physician assessment to determine your hormone health. Contact us at for consult/booking information.
  • Make an Appointment Today
    Make an Appointment Today If you're feeling these symptoms as you age, Dr. Turek at Be Youthful is happy to help. Start your journey to feeling and looking younger today. Our Ajax clinic professional will ensure you get the best possible treatment. If you're based elsewhere, you can still benefit from our hormone health services. Call (289) 660-2761 Today
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