Live Blood Cell Analysis is simple, quick and accurate. It provides real-time results that are viewed on a monitor and discussed together with the technician.

Live Blood Cell Analysis allows you to see a snapshot into your blood cell structure and immune cell activity. 

A detailed report is provided to you and your physician to assist in your treatment program. 




What is Live Blood analysis?

With a drop of blood drawn painlessly from your finger, this test can provide an amazing amount of information about your health. Live Blood Analysis is simple, quick and accurate. It provides real time results that are viewed on a monitor and discussed together with the technician. Seeing it live exposes so much more for the patiient and means your doctor can accurately course correct your program management.

How does Live Blood analysis work?

We take a quick and painless finger prick of blood, then using a high powered microscope and high definition software we explain what we see in your blood cells and plasma. This is a fascinating experience and can help you put pieces of the puzzle together regarding what's happening in your body and how that is impacting your health.

Is there a video for me to find out more about the procedure?

The initial visit is approximately an hour long. You will receive a report and pictures. You will leave with a clear understanding of what the technician has viewed. A copy of the report is sent to your doctor. Follow-up testing may be encouraged as it provides information to track your progress. These are shorter appointements and the fee is adjusted.

What can Live Blood analysis reveal?

Toxicity and liver congestion Heavy metals Immune stress or dysfunction Free radical activity Candida Yeast/Fungus Bacteria/Parasites PH imbalance-over acidity or alkalinity Crystalline structures Nutritional deficiencies Hormonal imbalances Sugar imbalances Allergies/food intolerances Adrenal and thyroid health Malabsorption of proteins and fats

Can anyone do Live Blood analysis?

Anyone can have live blood testing; you don't have to be unwell. It can be a predictor of health and a useful guide to course correct some basics e.g. diet

Do I need a referral?

No referral is necessary